My Life in Key West

The other is that there has been little national news re the event. Verified - Used 24 Times in the Last Month. There have been a fair number of the Chrysler Gem vehicles in both 4 and 2 seat capacity running around KW over the past 16 years that we have been there. A couple of us are curious.. Just a little room to move about.

My Life in Key West

A very cute one! Robert selected Teddy Roosevelt because he had studied him in class. As Robert told me, Roosevelt was a conservationist and wanted to save the earth. I want to saved the earth, said Robert. So Roosevelt it was! Lisa showed me a picture of Robert costumed on her cell phone when we had lunch together yesterday.

Robert was Teddy Roosevelt! Last night was one of those nights of nights at Fantasy Fest. The best was of the best was Pretenders and Toga Party.

Pretenders each year is at the Pier House. A stage on the beach. Contestants wearing huge tall headpieces. Like 10 feet and better! What made it especially good this year were the two hostesses. The lovely and vivacious Kathleen Peace.

And the charming and beautiful Jenna Stauffer. The pefect combination for a premier event. Toga Party is an annual event also. Impossible to get in. The place is jam packed early. The party overflows into the street. Just a little room to move about. Negotiations were on going. The men want the ladies to bare their breasts for a peek.

Also their privates and butts. The women set the price. Two for a breast peek, more for privates and so on. Once the price has been determined, a quick flash! By electric cars, I am not referring to a regular sized vehicle that uses electricity in place of fossil fuel. The small open air electric cars. Ones that look like golf carts. The house next to mine is presently rented to vacationers. They have rented an electric cart. Apparently for the length of their stay.

There is also another vacationing family out there that has rented an electric cart. I see them riding up and down the Boulevard. Generally, each car has an extra passenger. Went to enjoy Bobby Nesbitt. Michael Thomas sitting in for him. I saw something unusual also. Three couples dancing in the bar area by the piano while Thomas sang. I enjoyed watching him. He loomed large on the movie screen. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, and Fanny three of his best performances.

I have to get it out today. I played around on the internet and did some thinking. Came up with nothing. I have about four more hours before I must have a subject. I came across three items that are interesting.

Not sufficient for a column information wise. Worthy of sharing, however. There was mention in my search of a World News July 30, article of anti-Semitism. Is this type assault a cure for anti-Semitism? Can it be made to work effectively? At what rate are Jews to be killed to keep anti-Semitism at bay? Peggy Noonan had an interesting article in the Wall St. She said illegal immigration is a tragedy.

An admission by a nation that it has lost control not only of its borders but of itself. Not only with blacks. Though more frequently with blacks.